June 2019

You’re the best friend you’ll ever have

The pursuit of true and lasting friendships can be very challenging. A large number of species have the tendency to form social groups and establish themselves favourably. Similarly, we humans seek the companionship of like-minded individuals who can provide us with a sense of security and belonging. Whilst the evolutionary advantages of groups are undeniable,…

June 2019

Are superfoods really super?

by Eda Erturk We are all constantly looking out for newer diets and food supplements to lose weight. There is at least one new diet on the market every week. “Diets” is one of the common topics for discussion in offices and parties. We all strive to look good and healthy. “Superfoods” is being promoted…

June 2019

Improve your sleep and lose weight

by Eda Erturk Lack of sleep resembles a “credit card debt”. As the debt accumulates, you end up paying a huge amount of interest and eventually your account gets shut down if you do not repay. Similarly, if you deprive yourself of good quality sleep, your body will experience the negative effects before the…

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