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A revolutionary, holistic weight management plan designed by medical specialists and tailored to suit your needs.

Most people who seek help from our experts are those who have been through several diets, medications, dietitians and meal replacements. They have been successful in losing weight for a short time and have then regained the weight. They not only have weight regain but have weight related medical and psychological issues.

This programme addresses all the issues faced by you and supports you with long-term weight loss. We also address weight related medical conditions including diabetes, erectile dysfunction, sleep apnoea, PCOS, hormonal problems, emotional and mobility issues.

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The first step is a comprehensive consultation by one of our specialists. This will include a thorough look into your medical background, weight-related conditions, sleep/hunger pattern, body composition analysis and more. After this our team will design a bespoke, 12-week intensive plan for you based on your needs. After the plan there is a maintenance period to ensure that the weight you lose stays off. You will have an offline and online support throughout the 12-week plan. You’ll have the option to continue your plan if you feel you need more time and support.

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