August 2020

Tips for safe travel during holidays with diabetes

Do you have diabetes and are planning to go on a holiday? Read this article and all the information provided below. Holidays are intended to relax and have a good time with family and friends. However, if you become unwell and need hospital admission, you ruin all the exciting holiday for you and everyone who accompanies you on the holiday. Good planning and preparation will prevent any complication with diabetes. This is more important in the current climate. We are going through COVID-19 pandemic and there are travel restrictions and risk of being quarantined.Every country has its own rules and regulations. In addition you need to consider the weather and availability of medicines in the country of travel.

Diabetes specialist
July 2020

Ozempic: A new treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

As the prevalence of type 2 diabetes increases worldwide, we find that more research is undertaken to help people manage their diabetes well and to prevent complications. A number of new medications have been released in the last 10 years. 90% of the people with Type 2 diabetes are either overweight or obese. We all know that weight loss helps to improve blood sugar control and in some can completely reverse type2 diabetes. In the recent past medications for diabetes are geared to not only reduce blood glucose but also address weight gain.

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July 2020

How Creon Helps Improve Blood Sugar Control?

As we all know achieving good blood glucose control in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes reduces complications. People whose blood glucose control is not good develop complications like heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney problems, amputations and many more. It is therefore important to get blood glucose control within the target range. Most importantly life expectancy is reduced on average by 20 years in people with type 1 diabetes and up to 10 years in people with type 2 diabetes based on a department of health paper (National service framework for diabetes: standards) published in 2001. HbA1C or glycosylated haemoglobin is a measure of blood glucose levels. Ideally HbA1C should be less than 53mmol/mol. However, a significant number of people have poor blood glucose control. We know that people with diabetes, who have poor blood glucose control had complications with corona virus infection (COVID-19). According to one study risk was higher in those with an HbA1c more than 58mmol/mol and mortality/morbidity increased as HbA1c levels increased.

July 2020

Treat Infertility with “The Hole in the Rock”

Infertility is one of the oldest problems faced by human beings. Basic instinct of any animal is to survive and procreate. Any hindrance to these basic instinct causes huge physical, psychological and social problems. Human beings are no different, irrespective of the country or race, proving our ability to procreate is an innate urge. Stigmatisation of infertility, more so in rural India disproportionately affects women. Discrimination and stigmatisation is also prevalent in the western world.

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