May 2020

Eating slow can help you lose weight?

There are hundreds of diets, which come up every year. All these diets ask you to eat less. The underlying principle is to ensure you have less calories.

There are diets which have predominantly one food group. That is it is either low carbohydrate or high carbohydrate. There are also fad diets like cabbage diet, cucumber, which you need to keep away from.

A weight loss programme can be successful, only if the underlying problems is understood and solved. Problem with weight gain is due to excessive hunger or not feeling full. So, the solution is to manage hunger and fullness.

Reducing appetite and increasing fullness is one of the principles of the medication called Saxenda, also loosely called “skinny jab”. Unfortunately this medication does not work in the long run, unless you change your life style. Saxenda is a GLP-1 analogue, which is infact a naturally occurring hormone  which controls appetite and makes you feel full.

Now, you can adopt a technique, where in you can feel full and also will end up consuming less calories. This is turn could be one to the life style changes you could adopt to lose weight.

Eating slow helps you lose weight. Follow the rule of 20-20-20. Watch this video:


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