Read some of the success stories from Dr Chinnadorai Rajeswaran’s patients! Please note that in some cases we use alternative names and images have not been included  to preserve identities of clients.

  • Words are hard to put on a letter as he listened to me and seem to understand what was going on and why I was feeling unwell straight away. Marvellous person and very gifted and caring kind. I have already recommended him to many.
    I just wish he would live and York.

    I feel Dr Raj has a second sight to how you are actually feeling, when you have lost sight of feeling unwell, he is spot on with all his diagnostic questions, that provides a detailed insights for him to what is going on with the person sat in front of him , he is like a detective, he leaves no stone unturned with this ” in-depth investigation” with an individual patient mind and body.

    I feel with my case I knew something was not right with me and after a time you get used to feeling tired unwell and can’t seem to explain as so many issues seemed to be making me feel unwell. I was overwhelmed.
    I became a master with my make up to try and look well.
    But in person he could see I was struggling to walk in pain out of sync with myself.
    He pushed for test with my GP who was reluctant to do any.

    I feel so lucky to have him looking after me, as though his elimination of tests and blood work, we have hopefully found out why I have been so unwell and now I have faith he will get me back to how I was 18 months ago.

    My mental health has improved as someone is on my side and with advice and helping tweaking my medication to get me as well as possible, I already feel better already positive, he always answers anything in email beyond my consultation time.

    This puts my mind at rest and as a patient I am first beyond any monetary gain. He is very supportive and kind and I trust him to do the very best for me.
    My son is getting married in June 2023 and I now know I will be well and back to my self by then as this was making me very unhappy as I was feeling so dreadful.

    I can’t thank him enough the both of you. Azra has been so kind too.
    Best wishes,

    JF, 27th June 2022

  • I have been very happy with the service I have received. It was very easy to make an appointment and was seen within a week.
    The appointment itself (both in fact), was very thorough and Dr Raj was both understanding and clear in what he wanted to happen going forward. The plan was clear and this was very reassuring. During my second consultation, he checked everything again and told me clearly what had improved and what options there were going forward.
    The correspondence I received was very useful for my GP to action, and going forward, the NHS consultant.
    It was definitely worth the money for peace of mind and a clear, decisive plan. I would definitely recommend Dr Raj and wouldn’t hesitate to see him again if the need arose.
    Many thanks.

    SS, 20th June 2022

  • I can’t thank you enough for shaking and moving things up with my GP and getting me sorted and feel much better with you as my endocrinologist so please don’t retire .

    J.featherstone, 10th May 2022

  • Livvy is doing really well and her weight loss has made such an unbelievable difference to her, her confidence has improved tenfold and we are all so pleased for her, it’s thrilling to watch her.
    Thank you.

    Erle, 15th April 2022

  • Please can you thank Dr Rajeswaran so much for this, I wasn’t expecting any follow up and this is enormously appreciated.
    I can report that today I am feeling even better than yesterday on the xxxxxxxxxx, I shall keep you updated.
    Many thanks… Liz U

    Liz U, 30th March 2022

  • Please can you pass on it was lovely to meet Dr Raj today and I am very glad he is now looking after me.
    I already feel better to know he is looking after me and that we have a plan moving forward.
    Best wishes Jacque

    Jacque, 26th March 2022

  • Dr Rajeswaran received the COVID medal from Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust for the care provided to patients during COVID pandemic.

  • Hello Dr Raj

    I just wanted to say thank you very much for your time this week and your reassurance it help me a lot to know that you’re there too protect me from hiding the wrong direction and  get my hormones back on track.

    My hair is my biggest concern and I’m hoping that with your guidance that it will start to get better and also get better sleep and my libido will return.

    Have a lovely weekend i’ll be in touch with my food diary after my break next week .

    Best wishes

    KK, Leeds

  • Thank you again toDr Raj and the wonderful team…I have lost 20.5kg in 6 month and 1/2. I am feeling 10 years younger and mediacally I am just overweight

    Thank you all !!!!🌻…….Natalia, London

  • Dr Raj has been fantastic,
    He treats you as a person and takes a great deal of time to find the problem.
    He leaves no stone unturned.
    He has an extremely caring nature and very detailed into investigations.
    A true gentleman and how Doctors should be…..James L, Yorkshire
  • Thank you so much

    I really appreciate your quick responses

    You have been amazing and are a amazing doctor


    Kind regards ……Jane, Yorkshire
  • I am a 29 year old female, I decided 4 years ago to change my life for the better. I was tired of waking up every morning feeling miserable about my weight and felt so sad like I had nothing to live for. My weight was creeping up I hated it I, hated how I looked so I ate to feel better although then I didn’t know it was making me worse.

    I decided to see my doctor who then referred me to dr Raj who helped me in the right direction to change my life. Yes granted I had bumps along the way and thought at times I can’t do this but I kept on fighting.

    I now wake up with a smile on my face and look at mu daughter who is my means of life and I’m thankful for the help and support in showing me where I was going wrong.

    I now look to a bright and happy long life…….LT, Yorkshire

  • I found him very informative and he grasped my rather complex medical condition very quickly. His advice was clear and concise and I know exactly what to do next.

    Dr.Rajeswaran is an extremely competent physician and diabetologist. I have been associated with him professionally for the last 17 years and I find his work extremely good. He has extensive experience also in the management of obesity related problems and I has found his management very rewarding for the patients as well.  —Dr J. Murugan, London

  • Dr Raj pays great attention to detail. His approach is very personalised. I have no hesitation to recommend him to my patients as I am certain that they will be well looked after. —I.Koita, London



  • Dr Raj is an excellent physician He is compassionate and is motivating his patients to achieve a healthy life style He and his team has holistic approach for physical and emotional health.

    I wish to recognise Dr Chinnadorai Rajeswaran being an excellent physician and for his exceptional dedication. In desperate times of January this year (2007) I was trying to find a doctor that specialised in my condition (Addison’s Disease) that would listen to me, understand me, work with me and be able to help support my journey in regaining some life back and improve my overall health and wellbeing. He has been compassionate, supportive and motivational to date and I am getting the results I have longed for. Being in the health care profession myself, I knew what I wanted and what I needed so I had an expectation in Dr Raj. Well he has surpassed all my expectation! If you want a true professional who is understanding, supportive and who listens to you then Dr Rajeswaran is your man! I highly recommend him as a person and an excellent physician.

    —-PJB, Peterborough

  • Thank you for seeing me today and reassuring me that all your investigations have ruled out any endocrine problems.

    I especially appreciate your level of care and understanding of my illness problems as that made me feel better in myself today!

    I will update you as agreed in the next month as to my situation and will contact you if needed for advice and or a recommendation for a consultant in gastroenterology.

    Thank you once again!            —Michael, London

  • I have lost 12kg in 3 months and I can fit into my smallest clothes which I haven’t worn since I had my children. Thanks simplyweight!

    – Annabelle, London

  • Due to work, exams and holidays I’ve missed a few sessions. However, the teachings of the simplyweight team are sinking in. Being a cynic I hate to admit it but this Programme is working. In my head – I have acknowledged that being fat is something that can be managed. When I have the urge to eat chocolate or extra bread I challenge myself and think of the real risk I am putting myself at. Anxiety and mood – okay. Food – Massive reduction in bread intake! Chocolate – what’s chocolate! Fizzy drinks – if any zero sugar Fish and chips – have lost the chips. Alcohol – I can go for weeks without it. Changing to smaller plates next week. I think I am winning with the snacking between meals, especially the chocolates at work. I am concentrating on reducing meal portions at moment in conjunction with my wife. Physically – Sleeping – better, not as tired during the day. Weight – weighed last Wed on down to 97.5 kg (Starting weight 105kg) Medically – I should be a disaster but possibly due to my exercise my CV risk appears not too bad. BP less than 130 systolic, HR okay and ecg no abnormalities. My GP and Practice Nurse! The good bits – On a massive weekly dose of Vit D for 2/12. The Metformin – the GP and Diabetic Nurse (who you know) still did want wish to prescribe Metformin and label me as diabetic. They insisted on repeating my bloods in May. If then there was no improvement they would go down the Type 2 route. They felt with lifestyle changes I may not require meds. There are some things which still need resolving but lots of positives and in general I feel much better about myself. Sorry for writing so much!! Regards, Alan

    – Alan

  • I tried on 2 evening dresses yesterday. The first one I had on my 17th birthday and the second which I could not even start to zip up a couple of months ago was the dress I wore on my 21st birthday. I kept both dresses as they both expensive and I loved them both. The dress from when I was 17 is too big – it is from the 80’s made of taffeta – masses of material. Size 12. The other dress I originally had for a ball in London when I was 20 and then wore it for my 21st. This is fitted with a wide band under the bust. The dress now fits perfectly. I cannot remember being that small. I always felt and thought I looked big. I remember I did lose weight at this age when I started work. I went out with two friends on my 21st plus family. I am still very close with my friends and will see them both in the next 2 months. I am still buying a new dress for the cruise and party, but I could not believe that I could ever fit into my 21st dress after 40 years and it still looks good

    – Jayne

  • I know I haven’t been keeping in touch constantly. It is not that I have given up but that I want to prove to you that I can succeed not just in weight loss but regarding my capabilities & career having the confidence to succeed without putting constant pressure on myself. I am pleased to announce I have gained a massive promotion (thanks to you Dr Raj & kala for building my confidence!) Don’t get me wrong there are times that I panic but the sim happy calms me to put things into perspective I feel amazing. Thank you You have been amazing. Don’t get me wrong I am still on a journey but in a totally different place than where we started which seems so long ago, I don’t even recognise myself. Comments have been past about me are- standing tall,talking confidently having leadership presence. All thanks to you

    – Donna

  • I am so grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from both you and Raj in changing my whole life. It is a huge change and scary as well as being wonderful. I worry that you and Raj are not disappointed in my progress hence saying I worry about seeing you. Thank you is very easy to say, but it is heartfelt

    – Karen

  • How can you say thank you for somebody who changed your life? Well I’m going to attempt to do it… I came to simply weight not so much as a last resort but more of a last cry for help. It’s actually sad how we have all learned to suppress our feeling of helplessness just to keep on living for the sake of it. I always thought that as a successful and educated professional I was doing everything right. I certainly thought I have all the tools and skills required to make a significant change in my life. I was wrong. And through simplyweight I learned things about myself and the world, things I thought i already knew but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Today I stand here not just 4 stone lighter and healthier, but equipped with the skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Skills of acceptance, but not acceptance of the present, but acceptance of the fact that you control your own life. You control aspects of your life you didn’t know you could. Your present your future and everything in between. Dr Raj and his devoted and professional team has not just helped me to become the person I wanted to be but helped me lead a life that’s inspiring to others. I can say nothing but thank you with all my heart. Thank you for helping me grow into a person we all should aspire to be and thank you for giving me the opportunity to help others with everything I have learned. Last but not least thank you for showing me the way to a happy healthy and balanced life.

    – Dora

  • Thank you simplyweight. Raj and Kala’s encouragement and support are literally helping me to change my whole life

    – Liz

  • *If you are looking for a weight loss programme we highly recommend this one, you won’t get better help as you have easy access to a very experienced, motivational and sincere team who will ensure you succeed. When we first started on the simplyweight  journey we thought it would all be about diet but it is so much more. From the beginning it became clear that we needed help on an emotional level as well as the weight issues as these were really affecting our family life and relationships. We have never been on a plan where it wasn’t just counting calories and exercising and addressing the psychological issues as well has been has been the most successful part of the process. It has not only given us both confidence and positivity and has brought us back together as a family. You really don’t realise how much the weight issues make you unhappy and in turn push away those closest to you. We have just had the most enjoyable and carefree family holiday we have had in years so a really big Thank you to Dr Raj and Kala for all your guidance and help. Our Journey hasn’t finished yet but it has made so much difference to our lives so far.

    – Julie & Emma

  • Can I say how lucky I was to be referred to your clinic. I had tried to lose weight myself. My own GP sent me to their own surgery’s clinic. All they ever did was weigh me and showed me a picture of a plate divided into portion sizes ! Then I asked if I could be referred to the hospital to see about weight loss surgery. That’s when I met you.

    – Steven

  • *I was finding it hard to cope with my Diabetes and really needed to lose weight to improve my health. Also my body image and confidence were really low and I never used to socialise. Thanks to simplyweight’s London Clinic I’ve managed to lose 3 stone in just 3 months and reduced my medication dosage too. Really pleased with the service!

    – Ravi, London

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